Saturday, March 7, 2009

Live-Aboard Exercise

Scooter Kids

Talking to Mr. Blue Heron

One question we get is about living aboard is how we get exercise. Well, first of all, the car is NOT parked in the driveway. I would say that we get a bit more exercise walking up the dock to the parking lot. Even with the weather being less than conducive to being outside, when it is nice like yesterday, we are ready to take advantage of it.
As we drove down the road above Golden Gardens on the way home from school, the boys lobbied for a "scooter" down to the beach. We called our dock neighbors who also have scooters to see if they were game. Of course, they too, were ready to take advantage of the beautiful afternoon. After a quick stop by the boat to grab scooters and for Mom to change her shoes, we met up with the Ghostsailors and headed for the bike trail. The kids used more than a little energy cruising those scooters to Golden Gardens while the moms got in a nice brisk walk.
Finding Critters

Once at the beach at low tide, the kids couldn't help but find all the critters they could: crabs, eels and snails. The sun went behind a cloud on its way down and suddenly, it was much too cold to be playing in the water. We scootered back to the boat and warmed the kids up with some hot chocolate. I think we all got a pretty good a pretty good workout and maybe even a little marine biology, too!
Beach JOY!!!
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Anonymous said...

Hey PJ & family! Looks like you are having loads of fun living on the boat! We are in town this weekend if you have any spare time - you could email Michael at
Take care,
Kristen, Michael, Zoe & Erin

Kathryn said...

Only five months to go! What sort of preparations do you still have to do? What have you checked off?