Sunday, May 17, 2009

True Blue Live-Aboards

There is no denying it now, the Bakers are true blue live-aboards. Last week our house closed, so CAPAZ is truly home sweet home or should I say, boat sweet boat! On Friday, we had a little open house (read open boat) to celebrate the closing of the house. The weather was fantastic and it was also the first day of the NOOD Regatta here at Shilshole. Not only did we have our relator, land neighbors and dock neighbors stop by, but also some of our old friends from racing who happened to be around because of the regatta. It was a great time and we are very excited to moving forward with our big adventure.
Today was another gorgeous day. The boys fished, Brad tackled a couple of projects and I just did some straightening, cleaning and cooking. Just enough wind filled in around 4:00 to sail over to Port Madison. We anchored instead of tying up to the dock so that we could practice our anchoring technique. During the process, we are trying to use hand signals only. Note to self, when Brad wants me to back the boat down, it is difficult to both watch for the hand signals from him on the bow and make sure that we are not backing too close to shore or boats to stern of us. We will have to work on that particular aspect of our technique. Anyway, we enjoyed spaghetti, fresh bread and salad on a beautiful evening at Port Madison. The boys and I checked out the new playground while Brad stood anchor watch and did the dishes. As we headed back to the dock at Shilshole, the wind died, so we decided not sail. About halfway acrose the Sound, the wind dcecided to pick up and we could have sailed, but decided not to put the sails up because we were less than 20 minutes from the breakwater.
I guess this is a taste of what is to come for the Bakers!

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