Sunday, June 14, 2009

First Thursday

CAPAZ and her crew made it out to the first race in the Elliot Bay Sailing Series on Thursday night. Even though there wasn't a theme for the evening, we organically came up with our own south of the border theme. I made some leftovers into nachos to go with the taquitos that I already had while Rose satisfied her avocado craving by making and brining a big bowl of guacamole. The missing piece fell into place when our neighbor from Delos, Erin, showed up with a pitcher full magaritas and Octavia jumped on board with some Pacificos. It could have been better if I had planned the whole thing. There really is something to be said for NOT plannning, sometimes.
The race itself was pretty fun too. There wasn't much wind at the start, but we tried to sail for a couple minutes before turning on the engine. We toured around the course and after rounding the second mark, the wind started to come up. So, we put our sails "back up" and saild the rest of the course. Ryan did some teaching up on the foredeck and we now have not one, but two newly certified spinnaker snuffers. Either Autumn or Bryce can be counted on in that category! Bryce also wanted to try a little driving when he looked over at Sliante and saw his friend, Sheridan Ferguson, driving their boat.
The party after racing was held in a little different spot, but there was a good band and hot dogs, so all was well. Ullman Sails was a sponsor for the evening and they were giving away t-shirts and had lots of "smalls". It almost killed Brad (after all his years with North Sails) that Bryce wanted to wear his new sailing t-shirt to school on Friday.
We will miss next week's race because we will be attending Bryce's 5th Grade graduation and gearing up for Potlatch!

PS Sorry for the lack of pictures, the camera was misplaced (it has been found!)

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