Sunday, August 23, 2009

Single Digits

Well, yesterday we did it. We have now entered single digits in our countdown.
The last week has been full of boat projects. Many involved multiple trips to Fisheries and some just giving up and ordering new components rather than banging the head against the wall trying to make the old parts work. After a week of frustration, we are hoping that there will be alot of very exciting, successful project completions in the upcoming week. We could really use one of those red "EASY buttons" from Staples.
The boys spent the week over on Marrowstone Island with their grandparents. They had a great time. We hear that a significant amount of visit was spent building two humongous lego pirate ships. Nana, Poppy, the boys and Aunt Carrie too met us at Port Ludlow on Friday night where we had brought CAPAZ up for the Perry Owners Rendez-Vous.
The Rendez-Vous is a weekend where anyone who owns a boat designed by Robert Perry can sign-up and then meet up. His boat designs include: Norsemans, Nordics, Valiants, Tayanas, Tashibas, Pandas, and of course, the radical Custom Perry 48 Pilothouse (that would the one and only, CAPAZ) just to name a few. The event included a bonfire, a talk given by a couple who cruises the Caribbean, a blind folded dinghy race (Brad and I placed second!!), a potluck dinner, lots of checking out other people's boats, and best of all dancing to tunes provided by Mr. Perry's fabulous band. We all had a great time.
Thankfully, another boy about 8 years old showed up and Bryce, Austin and Makai commenced to be inseparable until the boat departed the docks.
We are looking forward to a week of catching one last evening with several friends and family starting tonight with dinner at Port Madison hosting former owners of CAPAZ, the Hurlow family. I think I may get off without having to cook another dinner til we leave, as our dance card seems to be full. The culmination will be our "Open Boat" and then we will be cutting our lines Monday afternoon and setting sail (or motoring) toward San Francisco!

PS The Hurlow's arrived bearing gifts and DINNER! Chalk up another night of not having to cook! What a fun evening of stories about their adventures on our boat.


Kat said...

How exciting! Best of luck with your last busy week.

Seven C's said...

Too cool! We are going to miss you (so to speak!)
We hope that you will be able to continue your blog on the way. Our kids enjoy following yours!
If you happen to pull into Winchester Bay, OR on the slide south, be sure to give us a yell! :)

Have fun!