Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Aquarium, Beach and Jungle

Tenacatita, Jalisco, Mexico
January 19, 2010

We have been in Tenacatita for the last couple of days. On our way into the inner bay, we stopped for a couple of hours at the "Aquarium" for a snorkel. We anchored along side TOTEM and took their dinghy and our kayak to the rocks known for lots of fish and great snorkeling. Everyone was in the water with masks and fins including Siobhan (5) and Mairen (7) who have just started snorkeling along with everyone else. We saw tons of great fish and while Behan and I were getting a bit of exercise swimming back to the anchored boats, she and the boys (Bryce, Austin and Niall) who were in the kayak got a good look at a spotted eagle ray. Before evening set in, we pulled anchors and motored around the corner to the inner bay.
From the anchorage, we were spotted on our approach by Mulan, but as seems to be the case, they were getting ready to leave just as we pulled in. There was time for a beer and catching up with them - we really haven't seen them since my birthday party in La Paz. It is too bad they left, because we spent the entire next afternoon on the beach with the other families who have kids. Six families total including the crews of Sabbatical, Ohana, Oso Blanco and Evergreen played in the waves all after afternoon. The kids all slept well last night.
Today we went on the legendary "jungle tour" - unlike San Blas, we did this one in our own dingy. After winding through the mangroves for about an hour, we ended up in a lagoon that is just behind the beach town of Tenacatita (which is actually located in the outer anchorage where we had been snorkeling at the "aquarium"). There was a great tienda with the best oranges I have seen in weeks, great Washington Anjou pears and Granny Smith apples. You'd think that all that imported fruit would have cost me an arm and a leg, but I really stocked up and still spent less than $10 American. My frugal side loves shopping in the little tiendas here even though you never know what you are going to able to get. Cravings for hamburgers and french fries were satisfied and then it was a quick trip back out through the mangrove to the boat (we were headed out on the outgoing tide so that we could still make it across the estuary's sand bar under motor). We have pulled our anchor and are now en route around a corner and into Barra de Navidad's lagoon where we plan to spend the next few days.
Brad has really been enjoying this part of our trip because this is the area where he got to spend a few days with the Giffords on Totem last February on a business trip.

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