Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Waiting Out Weather

Las Hadas, Coima, Mexico

February 2, 2010

We are anchored off the resorts of Las Hadas which is on the north side of Manzanillo Bay in the rain.  Our first night in this area was around the corner in another bay called Santiago.  It was a nice calm anchorage and there were turtles around the boats that the kids tried to swim with in the morning.  We continued on to Las Hadas around noon.

Capaz in Santiago Bay


There were quite a few boats in this anchorage when we arrived AND it was a Mexican three day weekend.  Our friends on Mulan said it was the most action they had seen in the two weeks that they had been here.  We headed up to one of the resort pools and enjoyed an afternoon of the kids swimming and playing hard.  Giffords decided that they really needed to move south to pick up their guests in Zihuatanejo, but we were feeling a little rushed (the opposite of how cruising is supposed to be).  So, Totem went ahead and we decided to stay one more day and attend a local soccer game.The kids and Brad, along with the crew of Mulan, had a great time cheering on the local team to victory.  Brad even navigated his way back to marina on the bus without PJ. 

Fun at the resort pool with Totem and Mulan

IMG_0594 IMG_0588 IMG_0582 IMG_0586

An afternoon of Futball!


We had prepared for an early start on Monday, but we awoke to RAIN.  OK, we are still Seattlites at heart and a little rain would not usually stop us, but rain, here, this time of year, is a little out of character.  Since, we still had good internet on the boat from one of the hotels, Brad started doing some serious weather checking and spotted some weirdness that was directly in our path and then mysteriously disappeared on the weather models.  We decided to wait til morning and see what the weather gurus on the SSB net had to say about the anomaly.  At 4 am, you don’t have to tell me twice to go back to bed!!

Sure enough, a little something was brewing.  It mostly concerned us because it doesn’t really seem to fit any pattern.  So, while we waited it out, I went on a huge provisioning run.  For the first time, I took a cab back from the grocery store(s).  With three huge supermarkets from which to choose, I got everything on my list a few extras.  The best find was pepperoni!!!!  With the weather changing it was overcast and muggy, but a quick dip in the pool in the afternoon felt great.IMG_0676

We awoke at midnight to more rain (on the boat awaking to rain entails making sure all hatches are closed quickly).  It has been rainy (though still pleasantly warm) all day.  The kids have been nostalgic with the wet weather, though I don’t think they are taking into consideration that 75* and raining is much different than Seattle’s typical 40* and raining.  We are expecting to see some wind this evening and it will be interesting to see how the landmasses around affect the incoming weather.  Once it passes, we will continue to south to our West Coast Mexican terminus: Zihuatanejo and rejoin Totem.

Waiting in the the Rain

IMG_0679  IMG_0682

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