Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Boat Show

Marina Nayarit Riviera, La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, Nayarit, Mexico

March 11, 2010


Things have been very busy around and aboard CAPAZ.  We have been seeing friends from Seattle, one of whom actually stayed on the boat with us and not only survived, but she seemed to have a pretty good time.  We have shared two birthday dinners with other Northwest friends in the last week and played Academy Awards Bingo at one of the Gringo bars here in La Cruz.  The kids have been very busy re-connecting with many of the other kid boats as families head north into the Sea of Cortez or prepare for the Puddle Jump.

Brad has been busily marking items off his list and getting the work that he is not going to do himself going and then keeping it on track.  We are in Mexico after all.   We had a quick little test run out into Banderas Bay yesterday in which both the rebuilt high output alternator and auto motor ran successfully!!!!!

Around us, there was the Mex-ORC regatta in which Brad got to pinch hit on the winning boat Alchemy.  They lost their main trimmer/spinnaker trimmer on the last day and Brad was able to jump aboard and be a part of their sail to victory.  As that regatta wrapped up, a J-24 regatta got started and has enjoyed nice winds on the bay all week.  During all this the marina has been in high gear getting ready for the big Boat Show of Latin America that started today.  Since I ran out to the airport today, I have yet to check it out, but will do so tomorrow.

About a week ago, I BREIFLY entertained the idea that maybe we should see about what it would take to have booth in the show.  I am so glad that I quickly banished that idea as it would have made our lives unbearably crazy.  Much better to watch a spectator for this one rather than as a participant.  Besides, those back at the home office would have relished the opportunity to tease us about doing a boat show after we sent them daily weather reports from the Gold Coast while they worked Seattle’s infinitely long Boat Show early last month.

The Banderas Bay Regatta starts next week and there are more people flying in from Seattle.  Major provisioning has started but will really pick up speed as the end of the month and our departure date approach at the end of the month.  After a couple more weeks of the hustle and bustle, I am thinking that three weeks of sailing is going to be a welcome change!

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