Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Live-Aboard Status

What is it?

Many people have asked what our plans are. Part of the answer to this question requires something that we have been referring to as "live-aboard" status. Most people get a questioning look on their face when this comes up. We planned to move aboard our boat at Shilshole after the holidays. As with many things in life, we did not have total control over this plan. The Port of Seattle had the control. They limit the number of moorage customers at Shilshole who are allowed to live on their boats: live-aboards. At Shilshole, the number of boats with this special status remains at the cap and so there is a waiting list for "live-aboard" status. We have been waiting since June (being totally mystified by the actual waiting list system as our position in the queue seemed jump around on a weekly basis) for the Port to offer us this status.


I guess not many people want to move onto their boats in the dead of winter. That is what we will be doing. We have promised the kids that we would celebrate Christmas at our house and after we get it all cleaned up, we will move onto the boat. We will be getting our house ready for rental and working through all those transitional issues. Please offer any advice on moving that you might have!!

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