Sunday, November 9, 2008

Spa Treatments

Hopefully, Capaz has been been enjoying her treatments in the spa (yard). She has 2 coats of new paint on her bottom lovingly applied by Brad and I. Brad worked on installing new zincs. After his experience diving on the boat in Hawaii spending 3 hours scraping worms off the hull, Brad wanted to make extra sure that the coverage is complete. He went over all the crevices and through-hulls making sure they all had good coverage. Capaz also had her top sides buffed and waxed. We have worked on the same treatment to the decks and cabin tops but were unfortunately stopped by some drizzle. We should be able to finish that part of the job once Capaz is back in the slip on dry days that I have off from work. Yes, I realize that it is fast approaching winter in Seattle and the number of dry days that coincide with my days off may be a very small number, but like always, if the opportunity presents itself, I will jump on it.

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