Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year 2009 - the Bakers from Shilshole

The Bakers celebrate New Years Eve at Tim and Kelly's

Happy New Year! We rang in the New Year last night with Kelly and Tim having a relaxed dinner filled with good food and company. We made it home to spend our last official night at the house on Palatine. After a good "sleep in" this morning we loaded up both cars and headed for the marina. Our first day as live-aboards was the most typical Seattle winter day you could imagine: 38* and drizzle. It did make it easy to stay inside the boat and organize which is what we did for most of the afternoon. At some point, the boys got permission to start watching the old episodes of Gilligan's Island which they really enjoyed.
With the major load stowed, it was back to the house for the cats and more stuff (all those things that we didn't take but might need). Tasha seems to be adjusting just fine. Sammy in true Sammy style is hiding on the seat in the shower. Luckily, we aren't using it as a shower right now. Dinner on the boat is becoming very ordinary (we had dinner here pretty much every night since Christmas).
Brad is tackling the pass-through berth where all of our tools and some of the spares need to be organized. He is making steady progress and we have decided to put up a temporary hanging bar above the berth so that we can have a place to hang work clothes until we don't need them for work anymore.
The mast project was majorly derailed by the cold snowy weather and our rigger being somewhere nice and warm for the holidays. The next priority will be to finish the work on the mast and the final couple rigging pieces and get the rigs back into the boat. There is a snooze-n-cruise scheduled for this weekend, but Brad does not want to go as a power boat! We will try to participate in the one next month.
Back at the house, the plan is to work on cleaning it out and fixing a couple of things and then getting up for rent as soon as we can. We are shooting for the first of February, so if you know anyone interested, please let us know.Three of so many dock carts going down to Capaz,
I couldn't possibly guess at the total number!

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