Sunday, January 4, 2009

Here We Go Again!

Snow on our neighbor's boat
We spent all day, packing, purging and freecycling! It is getting a little monotonous, though it seems as though we are making some progress. Halfway through the afternoon, the snow started falling again!!!! The kids are having visions of extending their already extended (on the other end) Winter Break. This parent was horrified at the prospect. I just need some time to work on the house, work, etc. without having to figure out things to keep the boys busy. They have watched way too many movies and played on the computer far too much over the last two and half weeks, because I have just plain not had the mental capacity to keep up with my own stuff that needs to get done. Because I have spent time reading with Austin or getting either of them going on this project or that one, I feel pretty darn far behind in getting the house emptied out so that we can put it up for rent. Today, Bryce and Austin were actually pretty big helpers and it was really worth it to figure out a couple of projects for them to work on. Anyway, as I am depending on school happening tomorrow, I am hoping that the NOAA guys know what they are talking about and the snow does turn to rain by midnight. We are toasty warm and just had a nice taco dinner on the boat, so I guess that is what is really important!

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