Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Land Ho . . . . . . again!

17* 07.3' South
149* 17.5' West

June 23, 2010

Tahiti – 30 miles out!IMG_2658

This time it was Bryce who called, "LAND HO!" for Tahiti. We were a little more than 50 miles away. Tahiti is a much bigger landmass  than anything we have been aiming at for the last few months. Brad and I were very tired after having dealt with fuel issues. We decided to try to go fast and get to Tahiti from Rangiroa in one overnight rather than two. Brad is hoping that the problem is related to some sludge at the bottom of our fuel tanks.
We plan to do a little bit of exploring, but our big goals here are to get re-provisioned and take care of few pieces of business before we leave for Hawaii around the 15 July. I am still hoping for faster internet so that I can work on uploading some pictures!

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