Friday, June 25, 2010

Moving on to Moorea

17* 31.4’ South, 149* 32.1’ West

Tahiti Yacht Club, Arue, Tahiti, French Polynesia

June 25, 2010

Tahiti Yacht Club

IMG_2667 IMG_2668 Outrigger Canoe Club next to our mooring


We are doing a very quick (one day really) turn around of gas, food and repairs so that we can spend a few more days in Moorea with Totem.   I have not been to an American style super market since Mexico and was a little overwhelmed when we went to the one nearby to the Yacht Club where we are staying on a mooring ball.  With the provisioning and all, we have not had any time at all to do any exploring.  We will return here on June 29th and probably be in the same spot until we leave on July 15th where we will try to take care of celebrating birthdays and getting ready for our trip to Hawaii.  We also hope to get in a little exploring then!

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