Saturday, August 9, 2008

Capaz Declares Aug. 7 "International Night"

Rose Driving with assistance from Midshipman Bryce
Since there was no official theme for Thursday's Race at Elliot Bay, we decided to make up our own (Pirate Night was so much fun last week despite the rain). We had International Night on Capaz. Aboard we had two women from France (one has lived here in Seattle for a number of years, the other was visiting from France). Then, we were hosting some sailing friends of our . . . . . well, sailing friends who live in Brisbane, Australia. John and Jaqui, the Australians, had a friend with them from London. Jarrel had his first sailing experience ever with us. Then, we had representatives from Greenwood and Blue Ridge, while not necessarily "international" are a good representation of North Seattle. Anyway, we had 5 kids aboard again. Steve Brunette drove a boat for the first time in . . . . he figures . . . . 25 years (since he raced with his dad, Wade, on the J-35 Valkyrie). I got to drive a good part of the race. Brad did take over for that mark rounding where Hey Gorgeous decided that giving a boat that outweighs you by several thousand pounds room at the mark is just a silly idea. We did not use our engine at all this week and had a great race (I only lost 3 boats after I took over driving). Everyone enjoyed the barbeque and Rose helped us bring the boat back to Shilshole afterwards. We again spent the night on the boat - it makes for an easy end to the evening. Friday morning, Brad got up for work while the boys and I had a fairly leisurely morning (not having to hike up the hill now that we are back up to 2 cars).

Steve Driving before the Start

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