Saturday, August 16, 2008

PJ's Last Thursday

I will be heading off down the coast to San Francisco on the SV Totem with Jamie and Behan Gifford as the begin their cruise. I am not sure if Brad will get the boat out for the last Thursday night next week, so I let people know that this might be their last chance. My strategy worked and the Larson/Scholls and my brother and sister-in law finally made it out. The entire Toland family made it on board (just barely) as well as my friend from college, Dave and his family. On the kid-front, we had everything from serious lego-ing to serious sailors. Brad had had enough of the Cruising Class and entered us in the Racing Class. There was wind and we had great racers on board, so we definitely had a great sail. We really got going once the foredeck figured out how that spinnaker sock worked. There was one mark that we didn't quite make, so we just left it to port. Back at the dock, Dave and Austin did a little swimming off the stern to the cheers of everyone else. Talia was our only dunker. I think everyone venutred up to the party shoreside. Thursday was the first of these extra warm evenings with a fantastic sunset followed by an equally amazing moonrise. Rose and I just sat in the cockpit in awe of the almost full moon over our city. I cannot believe how much fun we have had on these Thursday nights. Thank you to everyone who has come out with us and basically made it possible. If you haven't gotten to go out on Capaz yet . . . . well, we will just have to get out there. If I can figure out how to send email on the sat phone, I will keep you all posted on my progress down the coast.

Austin and Mikah just bring the legos out on deck
Jack is part of our foredeck crew

Laurian relaxes pre-race
John just wanted to go on a boat ride

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