Saturday, October 3, 2009

More Snorkel Practice

Ventura, CA
October 3, 2009
Snorkel Practice at Ventura Beach
The water is getting warmer and there are certain members of the CAPAZ crew who are itching to go snorkeling. As we moved onto the boat, one of the decisions we made that became clear had immense forsight was buying a membership at the Olympic Athletic Club. What we originally wanted was pretty much 24-7 access to hot shower that did not require quarters. The yoga classes and the workout machines were added value, but the pool with a weekly swim was an invaluable investment. The club permitted snorkeling gear and so, every time we went swimming the boys "played" around with the gear.
Today, when they went into the ocean here in Ventura (at the public swimming beach behind the breakwater), they were like fish back in water. All that practice seems to have paid off because they are pretty much pros. Now, if we can only convince Austin that it truly is easier to walk backwards when he has is fins on his feet - we will be in business. We will be heading to Catalina in a few days and the word is that the water is even a bit warmer than here (65*-70*) and there are some great places to snorkel. We might just be ready for it.
On a side note, the kids earned their Junior Ranger patches at the Ventura Channel Islands National Park Visitor Center. You may learn more about Ranger Jessica in future editions of the Capaz Chronicle.

Getting sworn in as
Channel Islands National Park Junior Rangers

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Seven C's said...

Great job at the snorkeling guys!
We did pretty much the same thing with our kids. We let them use their snorkel gear in our little pool whenever they wanted to. By the time we went to Jamaica and Mexico, they were right at home with the snorkeling gear.