Monday, October 26, 2009

On Our Way to Turtle Bay

The Parade just prior to the start of
the 2009 Sweet 16th Baja Ha Ha Cruiser Rally

31* 47.7' N
117* 12.4' W
October 26, 2009

I must first apologize if this post ends up in some weird format. It the first time that we are trying a new feature which allows us to email a post directly to the blog and we are emailing it over the SSB email which is also new to us.
At 11:00 this more Capaz and her crew crossed the starting line for the 2009 Baja Ha Ha Cruiser Rally under spinnaker (in very light air) winning the crew a free pizza upon arrival in Cabo San Lucas. Bryce, who was manning the VHF radio, was so excited when they called out our spinnaker colors that he could hardly get our name to the Committee, finally having to spell it out to them. He was going to make darn sure they had it right to lay claim to that pizza.
We were able to sail until 4:01 this afternoon when we put the boat in gear and pointed it at Turtle Bay which put the sea swell more behind us and gave the boat a much more comfortable motion. It feels great to be on our way again. The sunset tonight was gorgeous and in the late afternoon, we sighted several flying fish. These were solitary big ones, not like the schools of smaller sized fish we have seen going to Hawaii.
We are anxious to see if this new set-up works, so I am keeping this entry short.
Hasta Manana!

Bryce and Mary share a Cup o Noodles moment

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Seven C's said...

The setup seems to work perfectly! We are in the process of getting our Winlink / TNC hooked up right now. I need to get an adaptor, but will have to wait until four of our five kids are over this Swine flu.
So great that you are on your way! That must be a great feeling!