Thursday, October 29, 2009

Turtle Bay, Mexico

Turtle Bay, Mexico
October 29, 2009

We have heard that our posts are getting through OK. Hopefully, the format is still easy for you all to read. I will work out any of the kinks once I can look at it over an internet connection.
Here we are anchored in Turtle Bay. We were about the 10th boat in yesterday around noon. It is very windy here but the water in the anchorage is pretty darn flat. With not very many boats here yet, we had plenty of time to get anchored and let the realization sink in a little that we are indeed in Mexico now.
I must be getting better at this anchoring thing, because last night with the wind pretty much above 15 knots all night, I only got up once for a look and the rest of my anchor checks consisted of opening one eye and looking out the hatch above my bunk at the stars. If the stars moved during the gust, but stopped moving at some point, I figured we weren't dragging so I went back to sleep. By the way, the stars stopped moving or were stationary at each of these checks.
Those who are concerned about the Baker Boys' education will be happy to know that out at sea, they pretty much kept up with their regular study schedules. Bryce did however use the inability of the adults to goad him the normal amount to not get it all done. The absence of "kid boats" here yet was used to demonstrate to him to about the consequence of this behavior and that catch-up with undivided adult attention may not be the way that he wants to get his work done.
After bacon and egg breakfast, Mary and I caught a panga and went into the town of Turtle Bay this morning. It is much bigger than it looks from the water. While the poverty of most people is apparent by our US standards, the community seems to have what the people need. At the Western Union "office", (Mary was trying to find somewhere to change money), the woman who ran the office had her 3 month old daughter with her at work. The baby was the cutest thing you have ever seen all decked out in pink fleece. It just reminded us of our common humanity - all healthy babies are a joy to behold.

PJ waving from the boat

Ha Ha Fleet Beach Potluck at Turtle Bay


Seven C's said...

Sounds like it was a wonderful trip down there. You guys made it quite fast!
Was the weather as rough as they were calling for?
Sorry to hear about J/World! So glad everybody was picked up in good condition!

mjtb said...

PJ, The post are coming thru great. Look just like the regular thing.