Monday, May 10, 2010

Anaho Bay . . . . . Still

08* 49.2' South
140* 03.8 West
Anaho Bay, Nuku Hiva, Marquesas, French Polynesia
May 10, 2010

We are still here. It is a hard place to leave, though provisioning is challenging and will force us to do just that tomorrow. After the massive amount of planning that went into our Puddle Jump Crossing, we were more than willing to do the bare minimum of planning to get up here to Ahaho Bay for our rendez-vous with Kelly and then just go with the flow. Alas, we have finally gotten to the spot (in time and location) where we needed to do a little more planning to figure out what our time here in French Polynesia will encompass before we make our jump north to Hawaii in mid-July.
The boats that we have met here in Anaho Bay have been the icing on the cake in a place that had offered us something new everyday. There were the super-friendly, French fluent Swiss couple with their 9-year-old grandson and the family from Australia with three kids who were always willing to play on the beach with us. There were also the family on the catamaran who met our business partner on their leg through the Caribbean last year and the Californian/French/Tahitian family with two boys on a boat that spent most of its life in Anacortes, Washington. Beyond that were four boats that we had already knew from Mexico and before.
The men folk have been providing for the anchorage in the fish way. On an excursion out to the point, they caught a skip jack tuna and a mahi-mahi which we transformed into a huge sushi feast! That led to a grand plan of taking the Norhavn 64 on a more far reaching fishing expedition which ended up circumnavigating the island and returning with a 24 pound yellow fin tuna which was barbequed at the beach as part of a giant potluck. The wildlife has not just been providing us with sustenance, but also plenty of entertainment: The snorkeling has been like jumping into an aquarium on an almost daily basis and swimming with manta rays is something that I am sure the kids will never forget. The beaches are pretty nice and there are some hikes for those who like to explore. We have also experienced a pig roast in the nearby town and then here in the bay we partook of the goat in coconut milk and excellent poisson cru (the Polynesian form of cerviche) at the little pension's restaurant!
I am sure that you can see why we have had trouble making plans to leave here, but we have. The next post should actually be from somewhere other than Anaho!

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