Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Swimming Hole

08* 56.6' South
140* 09.8' West
Daniel's Bay, Nuku Hiva, Marquesas, French Polynesia
May 12, 2010


After a great sail the rest of the way around the island, we are almost back to where we made landfall on Nuku Hiva. It took us so many tries to anchor here that our friends on Delos felt sorry for us and brought us a pitcher of gin and tonics. They seemed to do the trick as we are now securely anchored here.

IMG_1926 IMG_1931 Hike7

This morning we rallied the troops for a famed hike to the waterfall. A good portion of the hike was on an ancient road that is made of stacked stones. At first we were walking through a settlement of several homes with tons of fruit growing in all of the yards. We wound our way up the river crossing and re-crossing it and its tributaries mostly on rocks, but once even on a log. The last quarter mile was into a canyon that was about 50 feet wide with walls that went straight up what seemed like a thousand feet. At the end of the canyon, we were rewarded with completely clear pool of refreshingly cool water. The pool disappeared behind a couple of huge boulders where there was a narrow grotto into which the waterfall fell. There wasn't much water flowing over the falls, so we swam in and could look up the chimney-like chute to the top. Many people had told us how amazing this hike was, but we really were not prepared for how spectacular it was. After a quick snack at the pool, we hiked back to the dinghy and enjoyed our afternoon in Daniel's Bay.

Hike3 IMG_1954 Hike4


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