Thursday, May 20, 2010

Au Revoir to the Marquesas

Leaving Taiohae, Nuku Hiva, Marquesas, French Polynesia
08* 57.0' South
140* 06.5* West
May 20, 2010


After a couple of delays, we are fueled up and on our way from the Marquesas to the Tuamoto Archipeligo. The chart plotter gave us a straight line distance of 502 miles. We are sailing along in a little wind with relatively calm seas. This is a nice way to start out a passage after a month of basically gunkholing around the Marquesas.
A couple of the boats with whom we have been loosely traveling, Oso Blanco and Mulan are already exploring the atolls of the Tuamotos. We talked to the advance party this morning via the SSB and it sounds like we have fabulous adventures awaiting us there. Totem is currently sailing off our starboard beam and we hope to stay in line of sight so that we can maintain VHF contact with them and make any SSB relays through our radio since there has not been an answer found to their HF radio troubles. Tomorrow, a couple of other boats that we know will be following in our wakes.
It is very exciting to heading off to a new area to explore, but it is also a lil  ttle sad as we realize we are nearing the southwestern reach of our travels. We will just have to concentrate on really enjoying our last couple of months of adventure!!!! We truly enjoyed our time in the Marquesas!

Brad readies the meat lines


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