Tuesday, October 19, 2010

1 Year 1 Month 18 Days 22 Hours Later

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Slip F-39, Shilshole Marina, Seattle, WA, USA (Home)

October 19, 2010

Ready or not, here we come!  RE-ENTRY.

We have officially be ended our adventure this afternoon as we tie up to our home dock at Shilshole.  And so the next chapter starts in our lives: the transition back to a life similar to the one we left at the same dock a little over a year ago.  It won’t be the exactly like picking up where we left off because the experiences we have all had will certainly have changed us to a certain extent.  We all have new perspectives and habits that we hope to bring to our land-based life.

We are houseless having sold our little Greenwood house on Palatine Avenue in part to ensure that this whole thing could happen.  CAPAZ will be our home for the near future and Shilshole is where we will be moored for the most part. 

We are going to try to take this transition period last until about the first of the year, but there have already been indications that the goal of easing into things may not always be on the time schedule of our choice.  Case in point, tomorrow will be Back-to Work day!  It is all a good thing and we will enjoy what we can along the way.

One of the most exciting parts of this transition is re-connecting with all those we left on land (not to mention, maintaining connections with those we left “out there”).  We are reachable at the old contact info and are looking forward to catching up with people.

I am sure time will be bring some interesting perspectives that I will post as they come to me in a sort of epilogue, but this is the last official entry for our big adventure.  Thanks for tuning in, we have loved having you along for our wide ride!


Brad, PJ, Bryce and Austin Baker

The Crew of CAPAZ


Brian and Erin said...

WOW! We miss you guys but are glad to hear you are back at good ol' F-Dock safe and sound. Say hi to the neighbors for us.

While you're warm and toasty in Capaz we'll be bashing our way to New Zealand.....

Brad- you definitely earned a Tongan Pia on Mia shirt. We'll send it soon :)

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! When things "settle", you will have to come to dinner. (I have a neighborhood of fun "boys" for Austin and Bryce to play with too) Lynne McNulty

Seven C's said...

Welcome back! (Do we dare say, "Home"?)
We have thought about you all since we met you in La Cruz.
Perhaps we will run into you again up there in Washington - that is not quite so far to drive as La Cruz was... :)

Naomi said...

Congratulations on a triumphant journey!! We were so glad to meet you guys in the South Pacific! We're back in the PacNW for a few months, before we return to the boat to continue the journey. I was too late checking your blog, to realize that you were in our 'hood, but we may get an opportunity to be down your way in the coming months. Enjoy re-entry. I have to admit, that even though our re-entry is temporary...it was definitely not easy. Long live the dreams of coral atolls, and colourful coral reef fish!
Be well,
Naomi and John.

Octavia & Petter said...

Congrats on the official re-entry! And welcome home!
Octavia & Petter