Monday, October 4, 2010

Tour de Vancouver (Part 1)

October 3, 2010

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The West Vancouver leg of our Tour de Vancouver has been a success, but not without its challenges.  Moorage has been incredibly hard to come by in this neck of the woods and there is no place to anchor due to the “inflow/outflow'” weather pattern in Howe Sound.  After striking out at West Vancouver Yacht Club, Eagle Harbor Yacht and the Thunderbird Marina, we finally found moorage for the weekend at Sewell’s Marina in Horseshoe Bay.  We are right next to one of the busiest ferry docks in Canada, maybe the world.  We are getting used to the BC ferries as we have also moored or anchored very near them in Campbell River, Snug Cove, and Drew Bay.

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After securing moorage, we met up with our fellow cruisers from Mulan at their land base of operation in Fisherman’s Cove in West Vancouver.  They were completely welcoming of us into their home including a trip to Costco and making us in a part of a reunion barbecue that they hosted for everyone who had bee a part of the Mulan adventure!  It was great to see those that we had already met along the way again and meet the others who had served as crew on Mulan at various times.  Finally, even though it was actually Susan and Andrew’s wedding anniversary, they gave us the gift of an evening and most of a day without kids.

When the Mulan crew returned the kid half of the Capaz crew to the boat, we were all joined by the Blackdragon crew for a Sunday afternoon and early evening of catching up and dinner.  Both of the newly land based cruisers commented that even though hanging on the boat was familiar, it was also a bit weird for them.  There was alot of discussion of the process of “re-entry”.    We are all in different stages and it was nice to hear the insights of those a little farther down the road than we are.  One CLOD (cruiser living on dirt) told us that rum helps – I think that has been the best advice thus far – especially when shared in the company of friends!


Just to alleviate any confusion when I mention “painkillers” during our transition time!

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