Saturday, October 23, 2010

Roll Credits

Seattle, WA, USA

If it takes a village to raise a child, then it takes something else altogether to make an adventure like ours possible. . . . . . .

Primary Capaz Crew:  Brad Baker; PJ Baker; Bryce Baker; Austin Baker

Hawaii to Seattle Leg:  Brian Trautman; Kurt Hoehne; Eric Rone
Port Townsend to Seattle Leg:  Abby Hoehne; Erin Russ; Ian Hoehne
Seattle to San Francisco Leg: Curtis Edwards; Ryan Malmgren
Baja Ha Ha Leg:  Mary Murphy
Mexico to Marquesas Leg: Tim Larson
Tahiti to Rangiroa Leg: Lon Volberding
Tahiti to Honolulu Leg: Lydia Volberding
Honolulu to Victoria Leg:  Dave McWhirter; Harold Beard; Randy Holbrook
Victoria to North Saanich Leg:  Mary Tennbrink and Ray Harker
Princess Louisa Leg: Rose Custer
Immediate Response Water Based Support (aka Buddy Boat):  The Crew of Totem
EPIRB Monitor:  John and Vennessa Austin
Alameda Dock Based Support:  Jim and Diana Jessie; The Crew of Evergreen
San Diego Land Based Support: Dave Rowe
Cabo San Lucas Land Based Support: Stuart and Pam Burnell
La Paz Land Based Support:  Tiff McNamara
La Cruz de Huanaxastle Land Based Support:  Ron and CJ Anderson; Amy Martin; Bob and Kris Ridenour
Bucerias Land Based Support: Jack and Ellie Austin
Victoria Land Based Support: Ruth, Lecia, and Mylan Ilnytsky
West Vancouver Land Based Support:  The Crew of Mulan
Port Coquitlan Land Based Support:  The Crew of Blackdragon
Lopez Island Land Based Support: Becca Galfer and Derek Bottles
Seattle-Mexico Couriers:  Mike Spear; Lynn McNulty; Ty Burks
Seattle-Marquesas Courier: Kelly Scholl
San Diego Moorage Procurement:  Barbara and Harry Lee
Sail and Racing Support: Chuck Skewes
Cat Care:  Carrie and Rex Rice; The Harang Family
Mail and Business Support:  The Crew of Charlotte
Marine Biology Consultant: The Crew of Io
Math Tutoring:  The Crew of Bella Marina
Entertainment Coordinators:  The Crew of Delos
Mexico Child Interaction Support: The Crews of 4 Pack, Ceilydh, Ohana, Evergreen and Blackdragon
South Pacific Child Interaction Support:  The Crews of Stray Kitty, Silver Lining, Victoria, Oso Blanco, Nika, Riga, and Mulan
All Around Water Based Support:  The Crews of Oso Blanco and Jarana

We are sure there are more of you out there who should be on this list and we would really like it to be complete, so let us know ASAP!!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention guys. We're in Guaymas and I justed picked up 2003 SAIL magazine - and found a picture of Brad & a mention of him navigating in the Swiftsure. We might be off to China and Malaysia for 3-12 months (supervising tugboat construction) - it pays pretty good so it will refill the kitty.


s/v Ceilydh

Octavia said...

We are >= honored to be mentioned!