Sunday, June 22, 2008

10:58 Pacific Daylight Tme 23 24.7 N, 158 11.8 W

Will "the Costco Run" all fit in the SUV?
We are finally on our way. The goal was to set sail by noon on Saturday the 21st (the first day of summer) and we almost made it, casting off the lines at 12:53pm (Hawaiian std time).
I'll back up a bit. Friday was a busy day with final boat projects picking up Kurt at the airport and making a Costco run. The next morning, the four crew went for our last meal on land at the restaurant in the Ko Olina Resort. They served up a great breakfast buffet. We took the rest of the morning to finish little jobs do a safety breifing. I personally spent a bit of time attempting to wrap up Swiftsure Yachts details. So after finishing these projects we all rotated through the showers and prepped to leave.
Leaving Ko Olina harbor you have to ask for clearance to leave which we did for perhaps the boat's last time. Once out the channel we wasted no time raising the sails and setting off. It was a nice beam reach down the island. Eventually we set the spinnaker as the wind lightened from 25 knots or so into the mid to low teens. The winds eventually died in the lee of the Island and we motor sailed until reaching the strong trade winds on the windward side. Where it had been fairly flat water in the lee of the island, the waves really kicked up on the windy side. Hatches were dogged after taking some spray below and we pounded our way along on a close jib reach.
Time for life aboard to settle in. Most people feel good. I started to feel squishy and switched from Meclazine to the tried and true Gravol which eventually brought me back from the brink of puking. On a special note. Eric Rone has been looking forward to fishing and had the lines in the water less then 5 minutes from setting the sails. Last night we all stood individual 2.5 hour watches which worked out well. We are all completely rested. and ready to tackle the challenges of today.
What challenges? you might ask. Well, we have an issue with the genset. It seems starved for fuel and keeps shutting down. After breakfast we are going to dive in and see if we can't get it working. We need it to keep the fridge going. If we don't manage to get her going then the food in the fridge and freezer will go over fairly quickly. Not to worry, we do have plenty of non refer food to eat so we shouldn't starve.
That's it for now, sitting down here typing tends to . . . . . well lets just say enhance the effects of sea motion. Time to take a break outside.
One final note. I couldn't be happier with Capaz. This is an excellent boat extremely sea kindly and capable of a good turn of speed. This is going to be a great platform for PJ, me, and the kids to take on a South Pacific tour next year.

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