Friday, June 20, 2008

The last day of Spring 21 19.74 N, 158 07.13 W

The adventure has begun! This is the first in what will be Almost live updates on the good sailing ship Capaz’s delivery trip from Hawaii to Seattle. To bring everyone up to speed, PJ shuttled 3 of the 4 crew members to the Airport at O dark 30 in the morning on Wednesday the 18th. We arrived in Honolulu at about noon local time got the SUV and headed to Ko Olina Marina and resort which is about 30 minutes drive from the airport. Once there we dove straight in to prepping the boat for the trip. Over the last few days we have knocked off most the items on the “to do” list and are getting ready to do the provisioning Costco run this morning. If all goes well we should be ready to push off sometime tomorrow on the Summer Solstice. Brian and Eric have been great, working hard on getting things done.
Yesterday we went for test sails to test the sails, engine, autopilot etc. Everything went reasonably well. The plan was to sail to a location where we could drop anchor and take a look at the bottom. The windlass may have some issues so we decided instead to drift while giving a swim around and under the boat to check things out. There was pretty darn good growth of the worm like things on the bottom on the rudder, prop, skeg, keel and some parts of the hull. Given the amount of work I decided to not do bottom cleaning until back at the dock. Once back at the dock I braved the tepid waters. Scott has a dive compressor with a hose that allows you to dive for basically an unlimited amount of time. He was kind enough to loan it to us for this occasion. I went in and spent 1.5 hours scraping on the bottom. It was exhausting work but is done. I’m quite certain the performance of the max prop was severely hindered by the growth so it will be interesting to see how the boat performs when we finally set sail.
Ko Olina is a beautiful resort area with several lagoons for swimming a nice foot path that runs along the beach, a Marina, and golf course. Last night Scott treated the crew to dinner. It was idyllic with live music a setting sun Mai Tais and good company. I could get used to that!

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