Monday, June 30, 2008

38 13.2N , 143 44.4W 1025.1 nautical miles to Neah Bay

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Taken while typing this very entry

Wave has passed under and is going away from Capaz
From Brad:
Well, we canceled the half way party yesterday and had a work party instead. Oh and by the way, Toto, we are not in Kansas anymore. What happened to our vacation? I thought the Pacific was supposed to be passive during the summer. What we are experiencing isn't all that passive. We are currently just cracked off of a beat, reaching along in 30 knots of wind and it is snotty outside. I still can't get over how connected we are with the outside world right now as we have spray hitting the window as I watch pretty big waves roll under us. Every once and a while a really big one comes through which is kind of fun to watch from the safety and comfort indoors. It's not as nice as it may seem down here. The don't know this but I just took a break. I decided to put the third reef in the main. It went just fine. Now it's a bit more civilized down here, well a bit anyway.
As I mentioned yesterday was spent fixing things. The autopilot now works, the outside steering works and we have bypassed the shore/genset switch. During that time, we mostly motored in about 8 knots of wind as the low passed directly over us. The backside of that low is now what is giving us these stiff northerly winds.
it's kind of hard to type in these conditions. bouncing this way and that. I'll do a YOTREPS update and send it off. So you all know, the boat is handling these conditions amazingly well. We are all in good spirits. Not feeling all that squishy. Life is good.

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