Sunday, June 22, 2008


All four wave as Capaz leaves Ko'Olina
There may be a post from the boat later today. But just in case, I decided I would write a little something to fill in what we will call the "Squishiness Gap". I should start by defining "squishy". You may have heard the term "getting one's sea legs". This refers to one's body getting used to the constant motion when at sea. Squishy is what an old salt like Brad calls the feeling during this time of adjustment. It may or may not be full fledge seasickness. It is generally agreed by most people who have some experience on the water that a good part of seasickness is mental. I think this is why the term squishy has been developed. It acknowledges that one is not feeling exactly 100%, but is not being incapacitated by full fledge seasickness.

Now that you know what squishiness is, I can relate that Capaz and her crew left Ko'Olina Marina mid-afternoon HST yesterday. It took a couple of hours to actually get out into the ocean. Once out there and still in cell phone range, I got a call where I was promised a post followed by the comments that it was blowing about 30 knots in about 6 foot seas making 8 knots. Those conditions, while not considered too rough, coupled with it being our crew's first day of the voyage, caused me to not put too much hope in that promise. They have also decided that the cabin companionway needs to be closed to prevent water from getting down below, but that results in stuffiness which in turn does not help squishiness. Nor does typing on the computer, so we will all have to patient. If one takes care of oneself, drinking lots of water and concentrates on not putting oneself into situations that will exacerbate squishiness, it will pass more quickly.
The pictures of our boys leaving the marina and after they put up the sails where taken and sent to us by our friend Scott Fuller.
We are still working on getting the tracking set-up. Hopefully, later today it will be sorted out up and running for everyone to graphically follow Capaz back to Seattle.

Sails are up and off she goes

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