Sunday, July 13, 2008

A-Cruising We Will Go

Capaz at Port Madison
From PJ:
Saturday afternoon we decided to take off for Port Madison on our first overnight as a family on Capaz. We also called Jamie Gifford whose family is visiting relatives in the mid-west to join us for dinner once we arrived. There really wasn't enough wind to sail, so we motored across and arrived shortly after 5:00. There was a greenbox party just about to commence. We got a little side tracked on our way to hors d'oeuvre and ended spending the evening with the Lafites and the Williams. We started out with drinks on "Alchemist" and migrated up to barbeque on the gas grills at the clubhouse. Everyone on Capaz slept well. I got up and rode the bike to Poulsbo where I got a bunch of donuts for breakfast. I got most of my ride in before it got too hot. We spent some time working on boat jobs. The boys (all 3) got the outboard attached to the dinghy and took it for a spin. Yesterday, they started working on refinishing the oars. Little by little, I am getting the boat cleaned so that we can start putting our stuff aboard. The aft cabin is pretty much done for the boys. Around 2:00 we set off for home. There was pretty good wind/current and so Brad decided that I should have a lesson in tricky dock departures. It was textbook except for the line that almost got caught on a cleat right as I gave the boat some good throttle. It all ended OK. There was some good wind, so since Brad had put the headsail on the furler, we sailed across the Sound. The boys were riding in the dinghy and so Brad also decided it was a good time to practice rescues under sail. Once we were clear of the shipping lanes, he gave the boys the camera to keep them busy and cut them loose. It was then my job to come around back to them and have the boat almost stopped so that we could grab the painter and save them. It only took me three tries, but the boys were rescued!!! We continued on to Shilshole where we experienced a challenging docking with puffy wind and thankfully, helpful neighbors. All in all, our first "cruise" on Capaz as a family was a success!

A-OK in the Dinghy

Ah, Sailing Across Puget Sound

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Elaine said...

PJ and Brad, We are in a marina in Greenway Sound BC with internet, we got caught up on the trip. Sounds like you will be enjoying your summer on your new boat. See you in August. From Mel and Elaine on Mazu