Monday, July 7, 2008

Monday, 8:51 am Foul Weather Bluff

Bryce and Austin watching a movie
From PJ:

I am aboard my boat, Capaz! The whole crew, Port Townsend additions included, are all smiles. The boys are sitting the main salon reading their Star Wars comic books, Brad is catching a well deserved nap and Eric is driving. Abby, Kurt and Ian are all getting re-acquainted and Erin and Brian seem to be enjoying the beautiful morning we have coming down Admiralty Inlet. There looks to be a pretty good fog bank over the Straits. Luckily, we are heading towards the clearing, we can even see Mt. Baker. Our rendez-vous at the Inn at Port Hadlock Marina went pretty much as planned. We delivered a fresh, hot pizza to our sailor boys. Then, we headed off. We expect it to take a total of about 5 hours to get back to Shilshole, putting us at the dock around noon. We will send out an email when we get to Point No Point.
Bryce just got a good lesson from Eric on how to read the radar and the AIS. They are tracking the Victoria Clipper. Anticipation was too much for me to get very much sleep, so I think I will go ahead and put my feet up for a few minutes.

Kurt, Abby and Ian leaving PT

Brad and PJ on THEIR boat

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