Friday, July 18, 2008

Happy 10th Birthday, Bryce!

Zane, Jak, Bryce, Lex and Austin
Well, Capaz has been in Seattle for about 11days and we have really started to enjoy the boat. We have participated in two Elliot Bay Thursday Night Series races and a little overnight to Port Madison.
Last night’s adventure was our second Elliot Bay Race during which we celebrated Bryce’s 10th birthday.
We had some of Bryce’s buddies and their families out for the race. Kurt Hoehne (Hawaii delivery crew member) and his friend, Steve provided the sail support. Brian Trautman (also of Hawaii delivery fame) and Erin Russ had their Amel 53 out to “race” against. It was a beautiful evening and we even flew the spinnaker.

I think everyone had a nice evening. I may think twice about having that many non-sailor boys aboard again, but Bryce was so darn cute when he asked if we could go sailing for his birthday!

After dropping our guests off at Elliot Bay Marina, we took the boat around West Point back to Shilshole. Austin and I read a Pirate story about “Pugnacious Pete” and Bryce practiced his night watch skills. He is very excited about the prospect of standing watch in the ocean. Last night the moon was almost full and the city was beautiful. We have also decided that packing up and going home to sleep after these races is a little silly. Next week, we will try just sleeping on the boat.

Thank you to the Krober family, the Bork family, Kelly and Lex, G-pa, Kurt and Steve for helping us celebrate Bryce's 10th birthday at last night's Elliot Bay Race!!

Bryce drives Capaz "home"

Bryce blows out the candles on his birthday brownies

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