Saturday, July 12, 2008

Elliot Bay Thursday Night Series

Tod and Juli Cordill work the mast like pros
Well, the boat had been in the slip at Shilshole for two days and I posed the question: "Can we 'race' on Thursday night?" Whether Brad was still sleep deprived or really gung-ho when he answered I am not sure, but the answer was affirmative. So, we talked to the guys (and their families) who helped deliver the boat to Seattle and a neighbor on our dock, Ryan from work and the former owners from Portland. We had 17 people on board. We were trying to start in the cruising class but the committee scored us as a racing boat. I am sure that it had nothing to do with Captain Brad and the spinnaker being flown so professionally. You would think that big old heavy ketch is some sort of race boat. Anyway, fun was had by all. The Cordills claimed that it was very good for their closure process with letting go of Capaz to sail her one more time with everyone having such a good time. Ian was able to do some trimming with the electric winch. I finally got to drive my boat (though it was under power - Brad had the wheel while the sails were up). I am sure that I even saw Autumn smiling with that sheet in her hand. Ryan claimed it was because he had just told her that she never has to go sailing ever again, but I am pretty sure he was practicing his ever-drying sense of humor. So, that is how Capaz was re-introduced to Elliot Bay.

Both Ryan & Autumn are smiling

Bryce and Austin get in a little fishing at Elliot Marina

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