Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools

Well, the joke was on us here in Seattle. At least, that's where I thought I still lived. Yesterday, the weather forecasters were saying that the temperature today should be around 50*. Yet, this morning woke up to snow, yes I said, SNOW! It was mixed with rain, but until about noon we had snow here at sea level. Now, I know they can have it up on the tops of the hills because as Cliff Mass routinely points out, we are right at the edge: sea level gets 34* rain and the tops of the hills get snow - but this is usually more of a January type pattern, not April. Seriously, this is the eighth time we have had snow at sea level this Winter. Yes, I am still calling it "winter" even though the calendar actually says "spring", because it only snows ever so often in Seattle in the WINTER!!! I often tell people who our Seattle gray days drive crazy that it is not the gray that is setting their sanity on edge, but the chill of the many varieties of precipitation that we experience in the 36*- 42* range. It is a damp cold that just goes right through whatever layers were donned that morning. Well, as a true Seattle native, I have pretty much had with this SNOW thing. At least with the aforementioned gray and wet cold of winter, it is over by now and we are on to spring which at least includes sun breaks in between arguably warmer rainy days. Also those days are getting noticeably longer so we should have even more chance to see the sun. Thankfully, our boat has a great diesel heater, so we are surviving that part of the out of character weather just fine. OK - maybe I do wear socks to bed, but we are not freezing.

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