Sunday, April 26, 2009

Lots Checked Off

Wow! Brad has kicked it into high gear. We are planning on taking part as spectators in the Opening Day festivities next weekend and anchoring on the south side of the Montlake Cut for the parade. Brad decided that there were a few things that needed to happen before we could have a comfortable stay on the anchor.
The new anchor chain got switched onto the boat and marked for length. The anchor, itself, got re-galvanized and now we don't have to be embarrassed by our rusty anchor hanging off of the bow. Even better, I shouldn't have to pay such close attention to the rust drip line on the bow!
Brad also got the genset working with a new raw water pump that he installed. The old pump has been cleaned up and fixed so that it can be a spare. So, now we can charge our batteries without running the main engine.
He was on a roll, so he decided to tackle the forward head which need a pump installed. Working on heads is never anyone's favorite job, but so far the pump is working well and there does not seem to be any leaking in the new hoses that were run.
My project was a pretty simple one: install some bungee along the port side of the pilot house in back of the nav station. We are hoping this will help solve the clutter that constantly plagues our poor nav station. The best part was that my project was cheap: $9.56!
Finally, the breeze calmed down to nothing mid-afternoon today and Brad took the opportunity to go up the mast and finish securing the spreader tips with wire. I think that they still need to be wrapped to help prevent chafe on the sails, but we are gettting close to being able to sail. When the wind first started to lighten, the jib was unfurled to make sure that it could dry out (don't want to have mildew grow from it being damp from the wet weather we have the last couple of weeks).
So, the Bakers are moving forward, getting ourselves ready for our departure . . . . just a couple of months away.

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Behan said...

Sounds GREAT guys!! Wow! I bet that punch list is getting a lot shorter... very exciting! Hope you get away from the boat on opening weekend if only to capture a nice picture amid the (sun? we hope) celebrations!