Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Re-Homing of the Kitties

Any cubby open must be explored ~ Tasha
What is re-homing? This a term was developed by a friend and you probably soon be seeing it in Wikipedia. It refers to the process of finding a good, new home for animals who cannot go cruising with you. We have been spreading the word for months that we were looking for a new home (or homes) for our two cats, Sammy and Tasha. Over dinner one night, Brad's aunt and uncle mentioned that they had been catless for awhile. That comment later morphed into an offer of taking our cats while we are cruising. So as to make sure that the new situation is a good fit for both humans and felines, we decided that we would shoot for early spring to make the transfer.
The original plan was to take some time during Spring Break to mini-cruise around the close area ending up in Port Townsend at some point to drop off the cats. Business conspired against us, picking up and requiring to work rather take time off and go sailing. As it turned out, we managed to get away for the two nicest days of the whole break. (Truthfully, we had to add Monday onto our Spring Break to make it happen, but the boys didn't seem to mind missing a day of school.)
The cats did well en route, probably because the winds and seas were pretty calm. Once in Port Townsend, we loaded up all the feline gear and proceeded up to Carrie and Rex's house. There was a plan ready for acclimatization to their new surroundings which was enacted while we ate lunch. After lunch, phase two went into effect during which time Tasha explored and Sammy found hiding places. Evidently, Tasha also found a hiding place where she retired to right after we left. She remained there until the next morning, totally worrying her new caregivers. However, the next report was that she had found her buddy, Sammy and they were curled up together in the position we call "Yin-Yang Kitties".
Everyone is still adjusting, but we are hopeful that it will all work out. A big thank you to Carrie and Rex for giving this endeavor your best efforts!!
Yin~Yang Kitties

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