Friday, December 4, 2009

For the Birds

Isla Isabella, Sea of Cortez, Mexico
December 4, 2009

Booby chick

Green footed booby

Booby nest

Frigate bird overhead (like four feet above us)

Two blue footed boobies

Tern in flight

. . . . that's definitely what Isla Isabella is . . . . for the birds. The guidebook says that even in the fog you can find this tiny island because of the birds constantly flying around it. I would have thought this was an exaggeration except that yesterday, in perfectly clear weather there was actually a cloud of birds over the island all day long.
We arrived perfectly timed just an hour or so after sunrise. The main cove was full, but we were interested in the "anchor-eating" anchorage. There is another smaller, but less rocky bottomed anchorage where we tucked in, only to have two more boats close on our heels squeeze in with us. Luckily, the weather was perfect so that we would have to worry about our neighbors and their anchoring prowess.
After catching up on sleep, we ventured ashore in the afternoon. Every available perching spot on the island was taken by a bird: blue footed boodies, yellow footed boobies, brown boobies, frigate birds, terns and many more. The boobies were nesting on the ground and we got see many "chicks" who seem bigger than their parents. There were many frigate birds in nests in the trees that appeared to be sitting on eggs. Their nests consist of a few bits of grass in the crook of the small trees that are all over the island. It seems as though a good breeze would blow them right out. Judging by the shear numbers of birds, these nests must be much sturdier than they appear.
The spot to which we hiked had a breath-taking overlook of the other anchorage. It was a pretty shear cliff, but the updraft created drew all the different kinds of birds to play on the wind. They "floated" right up to the edge where we were so that we got close up views of them in their various forms of flight.
Today, we are going to do another hike across the caldera part of the island. This is a very fascinating spot and we are so glad that the moon and stars aligned to give us favorable conditions for a stop here!

Behan with the birds hovering at the edge of the cliff

Land Hermit Crab

Totem (far left) and Capaz (third from left) in Las Monas anchorage
Baker Family atop the cliff overlooking the south anchorage of Isla Isabella - blue footed booby nest in background

Brad checks out the immaculate little shrine near the fish camp

Brad and Behan on the beach in front of the fish camp
Whales just outside our anchorage

Bryce crossing a lava bridge with Capaz anchored in background

Baker Family stangin on a lava bridge with Los Monas in background

Question: "Hey Mom, can you get a picture of the blowhole?"

Answer: "Yes, I can!"

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Very happy to hear to are visiting Isla Isabella! Cousteau filmed documentaries there. On my mini cruise, I found it to be one of the highlights of my trip. Thanks for the great weblog!