Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sailing, Sailing Over the Waves We Go

Totem at sunset

23* 45.3' N
119* 20.8 W
December 1, 2009

We are sailing along again! I know that you might be thinking that CAPAZ is a SAILboat, so what's the big deal? We have motored so much on our trip and everyone says that all boats are powerboats in Mexico because you end up doing even more of it down here. So we are just glad to be starting out our Sea of Cortez crossing under sail. We pretty much even sailed off the anchor in Los Muertos.
This also marks the beginning of our fourth month since we left Seattle and the beginning of our 12th month of living aboard CAPAZ.
In order to make Isla Isabella after daylight on Thursday morning, we didn't need to leave Los Muertos until mid-afternoon. This gave us a chance to go and play on the beach (run the kids) before leaving. The boys made a humongous sandcastle. It was so cool that we made a special bead to represent it on our bead strand. The Gifford kids were with us and the girls made their own sandcastle which was adorned with shells and had a coral garden out front. As the kids were well occupied on the beach, Brad and I took a quick snorkel in the shallows. There were tons of fish and lots of coral. This one rock was just loaded with sea fans. After the beach, it was back to the boat for lunch and to finish getting ready to go!

Sunrise over the mainland as Totem and Capaz approach Isla Isabella
(not pictured)

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