Saturday, December 19, 2009

Tacos On The Street (Feliz Navidad II)

La Cruz Huanacaxtle, Nayarit, Mexico
December 19, 2009

Eating on the Street in La Cruz

Where else can you feed 13 people excellent food for about $65? Well, you can do it here in La Cruz. There is a favorite "restaurant" called Tacos on the Street. When Brad and I visited our friends, the Anderson's 6 years ago, we were introduced to the place when the family still lived in the building and all of the seating was on the street. In the intervening 6 years business has obviously been good (probably their fabulous food has something to do with it). Anyway, this family operation has been remodeled and now boasts a modern kitchen/grill and what used to be their living quarters is now a beautiful indoor (though still open air) seating area. We sat out in the street for old time's sake. Our perfecto Mexican dinner included the following:

41 Tacos

10 Tostados

18 Quesadillas

4 Flanes

Total bill: $862 (Mex) which is a little over $65 (US)

Since G-ma and G-pa arrived we have been very busy. Before dinner at Tacos on the Street, there was a sailing adventure on Capaz. We saw dolphins, turtles and a pretty nasty mid-airish fight between a booby and frigate. Not to mention that it was great sail. I had forgotten what it was like just to sail for the fun of it (not really having to be going anywhere - just sailing!!!!)The day that the abuelos arrived, we had a big adventure between the airport and the condo. Behan and I rode the bus to the airport to meet the plane and help with luggage and navigation. There was a little confusion over the rental car that we ironed out after taking the bus from the airport to the rental car office in Bucerias. The feast that was part of the package with the condo also got a little messed up, but turned out pretty well with everyone being fed by about 8:00! In amongst all of that activity, there has also been grocery shopping, swimming, sleepovers at the condo for the boys, getting our outboard running and much, much more!

G-ma and G-pa's Condo from CAPAZ
Bryce takes pictures under sail

Brad on the bow

PJ and CJ from above

Niall and Behan enjoy lunch

Mas de Feliz Navidad
Drogue Christmas Tree

Sail-proof Christmas Tree designed and made by Austin

Our Lady of Guadaloupe Shrine, Punta de Mita

Another Shrine, Punta de Mita

Debo's Tree, Punta de Mita

La Cruz

Artificial Tree in the Plaza, Bucerias

La Cruz

La Cruz

Agave Catcus decorated, La Cruz

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