Sunday, December 6, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go Away

San Blas, Nayarit, Mexico
December 6, 2009

We have now crossed the Sea of Cortez and have anchored in Mantachen which is a bay adjacent to San Blas. Our visit to Isla Isabella was completed with rolling conditions that are much more normal for the area than the first two days that we enjoyed there.
We went into the town of San Blas last night (Saturday) for dinner. On the way in from the anchorage, Brad and I got caught in a squall that the other dinghy seem to miss. We had an obligatory beer at the beach bar that watches cruiser's dinghies and then the owner's son gave us a ride into town in his pick-up (and few more people he picked up along the way).

Buy a beer and they watch your dinghy at Ishmail's Beach Bar

Niall, Bryce and Austin enjoy a fresh-squeezed limonada

Once in town, we wondered around the Zocolo or Central Plaza. The festival of Our Lady of Guadaloupe (who is the patron saint of mariners, very important in fishing towns) is coming up on the 12th and right now each neighborhood in town gets a night to come to church and be blessed and have a procession around the plaza. We were down the street eating "hambourgasas" during last night's procession which was announced with plenty of fireworks. Another rain storm had passed through town and chased us off of the square which was where we had planned on eating. The people who run the sandwich shop where we stayed to eat were fabulous. Though they knew no English, they truly seemed interested in trying to understand our very broken Spanish.
We grabbed a cab back to the anchorage. The good thing about the rain is that Capaz is pretty clean. On our way into Isla Isabella, we had a brown booby catch a ride on our lightening dissipater. It proceeded to spend the entire night pooping all over the boat. Yesterday, before we left, I could not stand the guano any longer and gave most of the boat a salt water scrub down. So luckily, the rain is completing my efforts with a nice final rinse. I must say that I have gotten pretty used to the dry conditions (yes, I still claim Seattle as my home). We have not seen rain since Dana Point around the 17th of October!
We will be here in the San Blas area for another couple of days and then we will be heading into Banderas Bay. We will probably have to tie up to a dock for a few days as we need to try and get our gen-set working.

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