Monday, September 6, 2010

Blackdragon Rendez-Vous

September 6, 2010

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We left Ovens Island relatively early to make Pollier Pass on a decent tide.  the morning was beautiful and the Straits of Georgia turned out to be calm enough for breakfast making and warm enough for a bathing suit (behind the dogder, of course).  We entered Howe Sound around noon, ahead of our friends on Blackdragon.  A quick cell phone call verified the location of the nice little cove where they liked to anchor.  We christened our new “Home Depot Special” stern tie set up and were ready for a little raft-up as Blackdragaon approached.

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We are not really sure where the afternoon went.  For sure there was a lot of catching up and maybe a Steve-a-rita or two.  We are sure of what the boys did: fish.  They also set the crab traps (not in deep enough water evidently because they only got a couple of smallish-but legal- rock crabs) and rehabbed an abandoned prawns trap.  I sauteed up 7 little prawns that boys gobbled down and gave a big thumbs up.  While the kids had boy night on Capaz, Steve and Tracey taught us a new game called Wizard.  I think there will be the purchase of a Wizard deck of cards in our future.

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True to the forecast the wind piped up a bit and we moved to Plumper Cove Marine Park on Keats Island at the bottom of Howe Sound.  Our steering lubricants are having as hard of a time adapting to the cooler weather as the humans aboard Capaz.  While Brad stayed on Capaz to figure out the above mentioned stiff steering problem, the boys and I joined the crew of Blackdragon ashore for a nice little hike around the island.  In the afternoon, there was another round of Wizard during which I blew a big hole in Steve’s theory that the dealer always wins.  After dinner, the Dolling’s neighbors arrived in their runabout and joined us for a round of Mexican Train aboard Capaz while the kids watched a movie back in the media room.

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There was supposed to be rain on Sunday, but we lucked out.  After a good sleep-in on Capaz, Brad got some boat work done (an oil change) and the boys got some more fishing in.   Gas, alcohol and salmon lures (along with a gelato) were procured across the way in Gibson’s by the ladies.  We could not, however, talk the menfolk into moving the boats over to Gibson’s harbor so that we could take in the outdoor movie set-up of an old sitcom that was filmed in the area called the Beachcombers.  We ended up having another great dinner back in Plumper Cove with the whole crew aboard Blackdragon (we ate in shifts).  The kids ditched the adults for Capaz and a movie.  The adults drank tea (no kidding) and played cards!!

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