Sunday, September 19, 2010

Circumnavigating Quadra Island

September 18, 2010

Octopus Islands-Kanish Bay-Campbell River- Rebecca Spit-Carrington Bay

It took us awhile but after giving up on exploring the Broughton Islands, we finally figured out a plan:  we would circumnavigate Quadra Island.  Maybe someday, we will actually get to circumnavigating Vancouver Island.  We will have to save an adventure or two for another time.

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Our first stop was Kanish Bay which was the bay that we hiked to (Small Inlet) from the Octopus Islands.  The weather lifted a bit and we had a nice evening.  Brad and I even went for a little bit of exploring in the dinghy as the sunset turned to dusk.

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On through Seymour Narrows and its wild currents to Campbell River for a little provisioning.  We ended up in a small marina that is owned by a hotel and so had access to their hot tub before bed.  We also visited the Campbell River Maritime Museum which has a its centerpiece a 1958 salmon fishing boat that has been restored because for 17 years, its picture graced the back of the $5.00 bill.  We got Austin some long pants that fit so that his ankles won’t be so cold and a new warm jacket.  There was also a stop to obtain some local salmon fishing knowledge and gear at the outdoor store.  We even fit in a pretty extensive grocery run and stop at the Seattle Embassy.  All that in less than 24 hours.  I wonder if it was the dip in the hot tub or the level of activity that contributed more to everyone’s excellent night’s sleep.

a 054 Rebecca Spit

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We trolled for about 3 hours on our way to Rebecca Spit: the only bites were little and had to go back to grow into big salmon.  The first night at anchor, we were the only boat in the hook of the spit and had the entire end of Drew Bay to ourselves.  The weather was great and the boys spent the whole afternoon on the beach making driftwood sailboats.  I took the kayak in search of ice cream, but came back with a brand of pierogies that we can’t get in the states anymore and some beets for borscht so that we could have a little Ukrainian feast for dinner.

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a 114 Carrington Bay

We trolled for a couple more hours on our way up to Carrington Bay on Cortes Island.  One good sized fish, but since we have to use barbless hooks here in Canada, it got away.  Brad had visited here years ago with his dad and some friends on “Heather” as an Explorer Scout.  He knew about the cool rapids between the bay and its lagoon.  Just before dinner, we zipped up to the head of the bay.  Even though the tide was already past high, the bay level was still a good foot above the lagoon level and so the water was pouring in through the rapids.  The boys (all three of them) raced logs through the rapids.

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On to Cortes Bay so that we can meet up with Auntie Barbara, G-ma and her friend.   Getting up early pays as we will be having salmon for dinner tomorrow!            

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