Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Plan Coalesces

September 11, 2010

En route between Cortes Bay and the Octopus Islands, Approaching Surge Narrows

A “Dead Head” encountered entering Desolation Sound

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We may have finally figured out what our plan is for the next few days.  We were toying with the idea of making a run to the Broughton Islands, but with 3 days to get there and another 3 to return, we would not have more than 3 or 4 days to explore before needing to turn south for a couple of rendez-vouses that we have set. 

Our alternative plan is to do some exploring around here and visit a couple of our favorite places along the way.  With that said, today’s goal is the Octopus Islands Marine Park.  In 2005, we spent a rainy night in Waiatt Bay which dawned into a beautiful morning that was cut short by time constraints.  Even with our short time, we were able to fashion a work of art to leave at the “Cruiser’s Cabin”.  With our return, we are anxious to see if the old art project has survived 5 years and we have plans for a new one.

Brad passes on from father to sons: The all-important skill of making hamburger patties

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For the last couple of days, we have been relaxing at Cortes Bay.  The kids have been playing on the beach and doing puzzles in the clubhouse.  We also found an old board game called “Regatta”.  A quick on-line search gave a set of rules to print out and Bryce and I “out-sailed” Brad in our first game.  Austin and I took the bikes to the store (lots of hills between us and the store) in search of a few food items and shoes.  We got the couple of things on our grocery list, didn’t find shoes, but did locate a great little book store.  The guys set the prawn traps and got two prawns yesterday, not really enough to share at last night’s “green box” gathering.  They decided to leave the trap out over night to pick up on our way around the south end of Cortes this morning.

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We are really having good luck as not only did the boys pull up almost 30 prawns, but also we got to see some transient orca whales.  One of the boats that also saw them, said on the VHF that the group had been in the area for about a week.  We think we saw a mom and baby, what a treat!!!!

 Mom and Baby, maybe???a 077

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Nita said...

Wow. Regatta. I have that game! Our college racing team played it religiously, especially before regattas to sharpen our knowledge of the racing rule. Blast from the past. I haven't played it in years. Probably forgot most of the racing rules. Have fun.
Nita and Tynita