Sunday, September 5, 2010

Swiftsure Yachts Board Meeting

September 1, 2010

I am pretty sure that we had quorum for a Swiftsure Yachts Board meeting last night aboard Pete and Kirsten’s boat, Charlotte.  We actually tried not to talk about work too much since the crew of Charlotte are trying to have a vacation while Ryan holds down the fort in Seattle.

b 008 SV Charlotte in Genoa Bay

Timing could not have been more perfect.  As we came into the Satellite Channel from south side of Portland Island on our way up from Victoria, Charlotte came into the channel on the north side of the island on their way over from Bedwell Harbor.  We followed them around the south end of Salt Spring Island back into Vancouver Island’s Genoa Bay. 

It was great to catch up and the boys had kids to play with most of the afternoon and evening.  Besides Alden who seemed pretty psyched to see his big boy friends, they were joined by another young man a little older than Bryce from Puffin out of Portland.  Though the weather was definitely an improvement over Tuesday, it still turned very chilly when the sun dipped below the high hills surrounding the harbor. 

This morning dawned gorgeous and we parted ways with Puffin and Charlotte as they turned south and we continued north.  We only went as far as Ovens Island in Ladysmith Harbor.   We left early to catch the pushing tide in Sansum Narrows and arrived before noon.  Though we have been to Ovens Island several times, we have never been to the town.

b 029  b 017 b 032

While the boys played and Brad took care of a couple of boat jobs, I took the dinghy across the harbor to explore.  I am sure the weather will not turn too cold any time soon, as I am now outfitted with three pairs of long warmer pants courtesy of the sale at the local thrift store.  At the grocery store I finally found box milk (aka bilge milk) and when the cashier offered up the van for a free ride back to the dock, I bought out the store.  All in all, Ladysmith is a very nice little town!

Ladysmith from Ovens Island

c 004

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