Sunday, July 19, 2009

Finally, It’s Official!

My brother, John and Vennessa are married!!! I have a new sister-in-law and great new extended family.

On Saturday morning, we voyaged on Capaz all the way into Portage Bay between Lake Washington and Lake Union for the big wedding at the Seattle Yacht Club. The evening before, my parents had put on a Ukrainian/Guamanian dinner in their backyard. We had all sufficiently recovered from those festivities in time to be ready for family pictures and the big event.

The Polynesian theme was just beautiful and both bride and groom were glowing and their outfits were great too!! John’s childhood friend, Dave, officiated at the ceremony and I got to be a witness and sign the marriage license. While we ate a scrumptious buffet dinner, we were entertained by traditional Polynesian dancers. They even got the some of the crowd into the fun with a quick hula lesson.

The evening continued with toasts, dancing, and dessert. After many songs unrecognizable to me and those around me who were my age, our demands for some good old music cleared the dance floor. I think the DJ must have known this would be the effect and that is why he held us off for so long.

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