Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Floating Fourth of July

It seems like most people with boats around here seem to spend the Fourth of July holiday on their boats. Whether it is most of my Potlatch committee celebrating at Henry Island or most of my neighbors journeying to Poulsbo for the Third of July fireworks show or my brother venturing out onto Lake Union with the hoards, everyone I know was floating for the Fourth.
While the Bakers were not on CAPAZ for the festivities, we were floating. We chose to carry on the long standing tradition of spending the holiday with my dear old friend, Tiff and her husband on their houseboat on Lake Union. We were in close proximity to the mayhem of the only show in town (Seattle's Lake Union Fireworks Display - no Fourth of Jul-Ivars this year on Elliot Bay), the houseboat community is just a little removed from it all. This tradition began many years ago with Tiff taking care of me on the Fourth while my new husband was out to sea on one of many Vic-Maui Races. Brad came with me when he wasn't racing, or road tripping or delivering CAPAZ to Seattle. As kids entered the picture, Tiff took care of the boys on the Fourth too, even though having kids on a houseboat used to terrify her. We haven't made every year, but if we are in town, we watch the fireworks together.
Our Floating Fourth Hosts: Brad and Tiff

This year was the tenth anniversary of living on a houseboat. Tiff's son, Brogan, went to visit his Grandma Ellie for the night which left the McNamara's free to play a little which we all know is difficult with a two-year old around. Tiff and her Brad and I went for a nice jaunt on the raft (basically a dock with a motor), while my Brad and my boys took the kayaks out through the masses and found Uncle John. We eventually met back at the houseboat and were joined by more friends for a barbeque, drinks and finally the big fireworks show viewed from the roof deck.
Another fabulous Fourth of July. I wonder where we will be this time next year? Will there be fireworks? Stay tuned . . . . . .

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