Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Visit from Oz

No, Dorothy and Toto did not land on the aft deck of CAPAZ after a freak tornado at Shilshole. Rather we were visited by the Harang Family from the other land of Oz: Downunder otherwise known as Australia.
Kathryn and Erik have been in the states for almost a month and Mark arrived on Friday. He braved jet lag to venture out on the boat with us for the weekend. After checking tides and charts, we decided to head south and just see how it went then decide to go to either Bremerton or down to Gig Harbor. Colvos Passage was beautiful and the wind looked like it might fill (which it did - enough to get the spinnaker flying), so we decided on the latter.
The folks already tied up at the outstation dock made room for us in deep enough water and then commenced a Green Box Party. Erik, Bryce and Austin played on the beach until it was gone. We fed them some pizza and the adults enjoyed a late snack of salad and pizza on the aft deck at dusk.
Kathryn and Mark tried out our new main salon bunk. Hopefully, it was truly comfortable and they weren't just humoring us. We all awoke to a beautiful morning - Kathryn got a run in and I went kayaking. We motored all the way home, but the weather was great and the kids were engaged, so who could ask for more.
Just before reaching Shilshole, we swung the compass. Brad is very happy that all of our instruments seem to be talking to each other, however there seems to be a very particular order in which they must be turned on.

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