Friday, July 24, 2009

PJ Night at Duck Dodge

Tuesday was "PJ" night in a couple of different ways. First off, the theme for the Duck Dodge race on Lake Union was Pajama Night. The second way it was PJ Night was that because of my relationship with the McNamara's, we were extended a much sought after invitation for "Dinner on the Raft"
The raft is a float that is fully registered with the State of Washington as a legal "boat". It even has a motor (a small electric -very quiet- fishing motor). The name of the raft is "Chip Off the Dock" and Tiff puts a table and chairs on board where she then serves dinner to guests as Brad "drives" around Lake Union.
It was great fun to be an obstacle out in the middle of the crazy Duck Dodge race and see all the racers in their pajamas. We went along with theme also. Tiff donned her flannels, Brad had on his bathrobe and since it was a really warm evening, I put on a sexy negligee over my bathing suit (I wore a robe over the whole thing until a defrosted ice cream bar exploded all over me). Brad and the boys went swimming after we had all enjoyed a dinner of gourmet burgers and salad.

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