Saturday, July 25, 2009

Table Week

There were two table projects left on the TO DO List and then there were none.
The first table project was to make extra sleeping area on our boat by devising a way to drop our main salon table to the height of the other cushions making a nice big bunk for guests or crew. We knew there were ways for this to work and picked up a cushion that would fit in the area with a very small amount of alteration. The dropping mechanism was the tricky part until we found out how easy it was. We couldn't have a telescoping table pedestal due to the fact that there is no room space under the floor for extra post to disappear under the floor (water tanks right underneath). The easy answer was the company that made the existing post makes one that ends up being pretty much the perfect height. Another discovery that we have made upon our test of the new short post is that we now have a great space for watching movies in our main salon.
The other table project was focused on our cockpit table. Capaz came with a cockpit table that flipped up from the steering pedestal. We were informed by world cruisers that we would never be able to play Scrabble or other board games on our small table. Tables with leaves are available for a huge price in my opinion. I told this story to a friend of mine who had just finished refacing all her kitchen cabinets with the wood working tools that her husband had gotten for her. Kristin decided that making the leaves for our table would be a fun project. I got the wood for her (could afford teak, so we used ipae) and she made beautiful leave to be attached to the existing table. My brother, John, helped out with the routing of spots where the hinges would go. Then, there was the varnishing - that's where I came in. Two coats of conditioner and nine coats of varnish later, Brad was able to install the table last night and we ate our dinner on it! Thank you to all those who helped get this project to completion.
Both projects are now checked off the list this week!

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Dave Ferguson said...

The table looks beautiful! Well done.