Monday, November 9, 2009

Adios Cabo San Lucas

Motoring off of San Carlos, BCS, Mexico
November 9, 2009

We have left Cabo San Lucas. Being in port in a big city is both good and bad. There are things that can only be done then, so they all get squished into the limited time that you have in the particular place. It makes for a frenetic, exhausting existence that we are glad to leave behind when it is time to depart. However, part of the generally good feeling the accompanies departure from port probably comes from the laundry being caught up, the freezer being restocked, fresh fruits and vegetables abounding, pictures having been uploaded to the blog and emails having been read, responded to and sent.
Cabo San Lucas was particularly hectic as it was our check in port for Mexico, there were several Baja Ha Ha events and best of all good friends from Seattle arrived to their condo on the beach the same day we arrived in the harbor. We pretty anchored a two minute dinghy ride off of their place and spent some very relaxing time with them as they decompressed under the palapa.
The anchorage was OK on the whole, but from about noon to about 5:00, the jet-skiers were liable to drive one crazy. In the evenings, we were far enough from the main harbor and the beach front bars to not be bothered by them in the least.
An interesting note, two blocks from the condo was a "big box" store called City Club. It is a carbon copy of Costco. The cashiers and supervisors even wear red vests. Electronics are a little more expensive, non-perishables about the same and fruits and veggies pretty dang cheap.
We are now en route to a very exciting event. We are just days from our rendez-vous with Totem. We have talking with them on the radio and when we cannot connect via that mode, we have daily email chats with them. Fifteen years ago, we started talking about this cruising thing with them. Brad and I were already married; so it is now a marriage, 5 children between us, purchases of 3 boats between us, a post graduate degree, several jobs and two start-up businesses that bring us to the point where we are making the dreams of twenty-something selves come true.
That's some pretty heady stuff which is good because it makes my fortieth birthday milestone a little easier to swallow. Also, helping me over this hump will be friends joining us from Seattle. One friend is flying in from Seattle and hopefully our friends in Cabo will be able to drive over to La Paz.

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Barbara and Harry said...

You are missing heavy rains and lots of wind here in Seattle. Those blue skies and 82 degree water temps sounds idyllic! When I was anchored off Cabo San Lucas in 1985, it was a sleepy little town, mostly dirt fields around the inner harbor. I think I would be shocked to see it now! Happy sailing.