Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Over the Hill

La Paz, BCS, Mexico
November 17, 2009
My big huge birthday card
You may have thought the whole reunion entry was sappy and sentimental, but I am thinking that it will look downright dry compared to my fortieth birthday party. Ever since I realized that my fortieth birthday was going to occur during our adventure, I have taken great solace that I would be able to attack the milestone 1. on a beach, 2. in Mexcio and 3. with a margarita in my hand. There were a couple of other factors that recently made my confidence in being able to survive turning 40 soar. A few weeks ago, it became apparent that not only would I be helping Behan usher in her next decade in December but she was committed to being there for mine. Also, some people have friends who would walk to the ends of the earth for them; I have one who would fly there and she did! Being a pilot, Tiff was able to fly into La Paz to hold my hand as I went over the hill. Then, there were the boats that made the 16th in La Paz a part of their schedules so that they could join us.

Brad organized a beach party on the Mogote which is a peninsula that is across the harbor from the city of La Paz. Mogote means antler and since a good proportion of peninsula is made up of mangroves so that it has lots of pointy little pieces of land, the name fits. Anyway, the bay side has a very nice beach that was sheltered from the Norther that had been blowing since the previous morning. There was a little overcast that cleared the second that I sat in my princess chair (did I mention that I was wearing a tiarra). We used the dinghy as a table to set up our potluck (imagine our big window covers set across the open part of the boat making the table top). There was even a cake with a lego sailboat set on turquoise sea of icing. After the sun went down, a bonfire was lit and we enjoyed the rest of a very pleasant evening on the beach. What a great way to usher in my next decade!
Our potluck "table" with the anchorage and La Paz
Birthday breakfast thousands of miles from Seattle and I still managesd to have it with a couple of girlfriends!
The previous day's birthday girl, Octavia, the birthday girl, and the next one with a big birthday!

Austin working on S'mores

What birthday party is complete without a posse of kids. Here's mine!

SYC Members in La Paz, BCS, Mexico

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Happy 40! Cold and windy in Seattle.

How about sailing stats? speeds? anchorage? etc.